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Life changing list ...

As always I am smarter when I read blogs.   Whether it be a new style, a great recipe or a great tip ... I find the most amazing things on blogs, well blogs and pinterest.  Oh the time suck that is pinterest.  This time I discovered this list from reading KAG's blog.  All I have to say is WOW!!!

I may have mentioned that I started therapy about 18 months ago.  After some urging from a bestie and being sick and tired of being angry and hurt I sought out some assistance from a very talented therapist.  In a sentence ... she taught me how to be me.  The real me.  The happy, content, released from most of my growing up crap me.  It was the best thing I have ever done ... I have never been happier!!!  If I could sum up the last 18 months it would look a lot like this list I have referenced.  She is no nonsense and no fluff.  She does not blow sunshine up my derriere.  She simply tells me my issue ... we talk about it until I get it and then she helps me work on how to change it.  

As I look over this list of 30 things I have a heard time picking out my favorite.  They are all good.  As a mother I will be printing it out and handing to each of my children one day.  

 A few of them were huge for the "old me" ... 

#1 ... Stop spending time with the wrong people.
#20 ... Stop wasting time explaining yourself to others.
#23 ... Stop trying to make things perfect.
#25 ... Stop acting like everything is fine if it isn't.

And I love the quote by Maria Robinson at the top ... "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

I am 100% confident that the last 18 months I have done that ... I do not have the same life I had before and therefore I will not have the same ending.

Hell yes!!!



  1. Love that list! Another great book in this same vein is The Four Agreements by Manuel Ruiz. I read it for the first time probably 10 years ago and have since given at least 50 copies as gifts. And so happy and proud of you, sweet friend, for the path you've journeyed these past 18 months. You STAND in your victory over those hurdles and be proud of yourself!

  2. You're so awesome. Merry Christmas and Love!



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