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The magic that is C Wonder ...

(courtesy of

"re-imagining retail with an experience that most women never imagined could exist—extraordinary products at an incredible value with luxury service in an inspiring environment—plus a little unexpected 'wow.'" (

Unless you live under a rock you have definitely heard of the new store C Wonder.  It has been all over the news and of course all over the blog world.  C Wonder is the new endeavor of Tory Burch's ex Chris.  Clearly he is a business genius.  He hit preppy square on the nose and made it affordable for all!!! wrote ... Everything in the store has a decidedly preppy feel, from the printed button-ups to the grosgrain dog leashes, and can be monogrammed or engraved on the spot. (Burch showed off his own initials on the pair of velvet slippers he was sporting.) Taking customization one step further, shoppers can also adjust the music and lighting in the dressing rooms. But for all the custom options, the prices stay firmly within reach. The average hovers under $40.  How could you not fall instantly in love?

C Wonder is nothing short of fabulous!!!  I have not had the opportunity to set foot in the actual store in Soho ... however, I have had not one but two experiences with the fabulous entity online.  The first box came in record time and the presentation I received was over the top!!!

The receipt was packed in that gorgeous envelope!

The package included a great C Wonder tote ... complete surprise!

Under the receipt and tote the entire box was wrapped in tissue and sealed with a gold seal ...

And then each thing I ordered was carefully wrapped and then wrapped again in tissue with gold seals.  Seriously?  The time and care for each shipment is divine.  And I only spent $120.  

Unfortunately I can not blog about all I purchased.  My friend Charlotte reads my blog and her gift among others was tucked away in this box!  You can spot WPM's popcorn maker I ordered.  $29 and adorable!!!

I have to make one last purchase (today) for Christmas.  It will no doubt be here by the middle of next week looking ever the fabulous shipment!!!

C Wonder ... A+!!!


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  1. Proof I live under a rock... I had NO IDEA about this store/brand! Shall now emerge from under rock and visit website!



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