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Scared straight!

Crazy week ... busy and not much to tell for it!  Spent a lot of time with the gay bestie and was physically and emotionally worn out.  He is life one day at a time and it is heart breaking to watch him suffer.  Snuck off to Scott's on Thursday for a two hour excursion.  Paper Girl and I scored some gifts for her list and of course had a few hours of quality time!!!  Dirty Santa party on Thursday night and then another party on Friday night where I was over served at both.  What can I say ... it was a long week and a good cocktail seemed appropriate!!!  

My youngest, MHM, has been quite the naughty girl lately!!!  She tends to have quite the edge when she is sleepy ... but this is a whole new level of bad!   Her room is a disaster and she has been quite sassy.  And to top it off she was docked twice this week at school for not listening to directions.  All in all ... not good!

I am attempting to scare her straight today with a hand delivered letter from Santa Claus.  I have just typed up a letter complete with Santa clip art and details only he should know.  She made a Santa list and hid it to keep it safe until she sees him but in trying to find something in her room I stumbled upon it.  She does not know I discovered her hidden treasure so the letter will be even more "real" for her.  It will be placed on the door step after school where I will be ding-dong-ditching.  I know its crazy ... but I have to reign her in some way.  I am thinking of sealing it with red candle wax to add the extra level of authentication.  If I only had an S stamp to take it to the ultimate level of fear.  Oh well ... better planning next year.  

I will keep you posted on her progress.  Next step ... the naughty list delivery.

Mama ain't playing!


1 comment:

  1. Good luck! But, watch out! A friend typed a letter from Santa and ended up blowing the whole thing up. Be very very sneaky!



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