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Things that say Christmas to me ...

There are certain things to me that just say Christmas.  Here are just a few ... 

1.  The Real Simple Magazine ... 50 Gifts under $50. 
I love to grab the magazine and dog ear the pages.  I get great ideas for the hard to buy fors in the family.   
When I bought the magazine last week I found a needlepoint Kindle cover for my mother.  Sold Out ... of course!  Back to the drawing board for her ...

2.  The Red cup at Starbucks.  
I know it simple ... but I love it!!  A latte and a Cranberry Bliss Bar ... perfect little treat for moi.

3.  Packages piled up at the front door.
Ebates is inspiring me to do most of my shopping online and nothing says Christmas like a pile of boxes stacked up at the door waiting for me.  So much fun!!!!

4.  The mailbox full of Christmas cards.  
 Don't you love it?   I possitively love getting mail and Christmas cards are by far the best.  And all the photos ... its like having friends in the house at all times.  This was a party invitation ... even better! 

5.  A list written all in red.  
I make a list of all the items I purchase so I know who gets what when I wrap.  I have been know to have a gift and not remember who it goes to ... which is bad bad.  I love to make the list in red.  It's festive!!!

6.  Peppermint bark ...
This is basically just crack.  I make bark to give out to teachers and friends but peppermint bark is a little treat just for moi.

7.  Vanessa Williams Christmas CD
I have a lot of holiday CDs.  But this one is by far my favorite and can be found in my car cd player from December 1 until I feel its inappropriate to keep playing it in January.

What gets you in the Christmas spirit?


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