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Still working ...

I didn't get very far yesterday but I have a better plan today.  I did not have any luck with the boxwood wreath so I just bought a regular one and embellished it.  I am still trying to replace the topiary (x2) at the front door and I am headed to Pike's Nursery today.  Thanks Aunt Grits, you always know where to find dirt stuff.  (Call me for the best sales and to find out how many plaids you can successfully mix together and call you for outside stuff, xoxo)  I am planning to take my pots and pay extra to have them planted.  I despise dirt and its drizzling outside so the only way they will be complete and fabulous is it they do it for me!!!  By the end of today I should have the front decorated and the tree up from the basement and at least lit.  I have decided to place it in the entry and the lights from the tree will shine thru the front door.  Pinterest, of course.  Still feeling blah so I am planning to start the day with a holiday Lucky Buck and some Vanessa Williams.  

It is hard to decorate when your best friend keeps calling and texting and you know he is heartbroken.  

I am trying to splash some Christmas up in here and he is planning a funeral.

It's wrong ... very wrong.

But ... I will do it!!!  He would want my house decorated.  His house has a wreath on the door and evergreen and holly sprinkled all around the house.  I made sure of it before I left Sunday night.  I tied his wreath with burlap ribbon and it looked amazing on his red door.  

I will have better luck today!!!  I am determined!


6:00 pm ... 
wreath finalized with glitter bow (and now I am covered with glitter)
tiny boxwood bushes planted in pots at the front door (and I am in need of a mani)
side of garage decorated (I like!!!)
spot light located and ready to be plugged in the am when it hopefully isn't raining
Lunch and 2 hours of quality time with the BFF
tree will be pulled out and dressed with lights once kids are nestled in their beds
all in all ... a great day!!!


  1. i say a prayer of thanks every morning for you! cause lord knows without you, i would wear 1 too many different plaids, stripes & polka dots all in one outfit(you know this is true)! XOXO



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