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The studio ... organized!!!

My office has always been in the house.  It is at the bottom of the basement stairs to the right.  It is pretty large.  The room is unfinished with painted concrete floors.  When I first started my business in 2005 it was neat as a pin.  I mean neat, tidy and amazingly clean.  I had a baby ... it had to be!!!  Then I grew and gathered more stock, the baby started walking and well ... life goes on.  I would straighten it each January after busy season and it would stay that way for a while but as soon as show season started again it would grow scary day by day.  Then ... we put the house on the market.  It was super tidy the entire time the house was for sale.  Show worthy and quite amazing.  

Then the house came off the market and it became the door I dreaded to pass.  It was scattered, covered and smothered in there.  You could not walk.  At all.  I hated it!!!!

Not any more ... 

The products are all tucked away in their baskets ...

Each basket is tidy and organized.

Everything has a place and each place is labeled correctly.

The working table is clean and all things are put away!!

The thread is organized by color and ready to use!!

I even hung a favorite Kate Spade drawing!!!  Its my outlook ... to be colorful on a dreary, grey day.

The fill is all tucked away and labeled for easy use.

The studio is once again perfect!!!

Even the gift wrapping area is neat, tidy and has a few gifts already purchased ready for the year. 

It was a long three days.  I hauled crap to Good Will, I bagged more crap for the trash.  I drank a lot of tea and ate lunch in the studio.  All in the name of organization!!!  And it was worth it ... all is right with the world once again!!!



  1. VERY impressive !!!

    I love the way you have organized everything and the colors are so bright and cheerful.

  2. yeah! isn't it such a great feeling to have it all finished?

  3. Oh sweetie! Best feeling ever! xoxo



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