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Cue the music ...

Wow!  The kids are finally back in school.  Today is their first day after Christmas vacation and it was a long 19 days for all of us.  They were antsy to get back and I was ready for a schedule once again.  Do not misunderstand me ... I did enjoy the lazy mornings but those lead to lazy afternoons and after a while we all start going to pot.  It was time!!

This morning consists of an extra cup of coffee before I have to bust a move around this joint!!!  MHM has a doctor appt this morning and I have some paperwork that is calling my name!!!

I have not forgotten the photos I promised you from the studio clean out.  Plus I have a birthday recap to give you.  It was a fabulous day!!!  My lens was acting up ... I will have it back this afternoon and will get them up tomorrow!  Pinky swear ... 


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