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Just love him!

Lawyer's travel schedule has been out of control lately.  Since the new year he has been home a total of 24 days and most of those include that he was home for eighteen straight days the first of January.  He has been traveling to the west coast and the time change is killing our communication.  He wakes up after the kids are off to school and gets home from the office as I am going to bed.  Reaching him is difficult with his conference call schedule and being around when he finally calls is hard.  I will admit it ... I have been a little less than patient.  Ok ... not at all.

Then I started to look at it from his point of view.  Even though he is not the man to communicate his feelings he desperately misses his family.  He is working hard, tired and lonely.  So am I.  Him being gone means he is excelling in his career.  He is requested to be places and so he goes.  I should be proud, not whining and patient not bitchy.  I need to realize that I am not an easy person to love but my husband loves me unconditionally.

No marriage is perfect.  If you think it is you are wrong.  If someone tells you their marriage is perfect, they are in denial.  Every person has a cross to bear and every marriage has a flaw.  Marriage consists of compromise, communication and unconditional love.  This new phase in our lives needs tweaking, better communication and patience.  We will figure it out just as we figured out how to parent three children and how to navigate the world with a special ed child.  I do not think that I have mastered either of those, but I do think I do a good job at both.  

I was reminded Tuesday how much my husband loves me when he called home on Tuesday afternoon and was told I was asleep on the floor in the bathroom suffering from a stomach virus.  Before HSM could come up and check on me Lawyer had arranged for his sister in law to collect the kids, bring me supplies and take care of their homework.  She took them to dinner, bathed them and tucked them into bed.  She arrived again yesterday with dinner and homework help again allowing me to sleep and rest and be able to tackle the remainder of my week.  He did all of this after delaying a conference call to make sure his wife was cared for when I clearly was in denial that I could care for myself.  

I am rested, feeling so much better (even a little skinnier!) and ready for today and tomorrow!

And feeling more in love with that husband of mine!  



  1. What a great hubby! And, am I mistaken or is this round two for you... Weren't you just sick? You can always call me in a pinch. Adam can be entertained my M and P and I can eat popcorn!



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