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Ash Wednesday came and went without me barely noticing it was a Wednesday or that it was special in any way at all.  I was too busy with my Phenergan coma to think about much else than feeling human once again.  But now that I have arisen from another brush with "near death" I am on schedule and ready to report my plan. 

First of all ... let me say, I will not be giving up caffeine!  That was stupid and retarded and then to find out we were moving and I would be a single parent for about six months at the same time.  Re-to-the-tarded!!!  I should have given up immediately and picked something else.  But ... instead I indulged on the weekends and tried to make do.  Stupid and shall never be repeated!!!

So what am I giving up ... refined sugar and Diet Coke!  

So what does that mean for me?  No cold can of Diet Coke in the afternoon, no sweet tea, no candy, no cupcakes, no sweets of any kind at all!!!  And I have a HUGE sweet tooth!!!  Dude!!!  I better be feeling better by the end of this ... which I am sure I will.  Sugar controls my day and should not!!!

What am I subbing ... more unsweet tea and more fruit.  And then there will be fruit in my tea!  Yum!!!

Are you giving anything up?  Taking anything on?


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  1. I've never really given up things for Lent, probably because we never grew up hearing about it at my house. But I am familiar with giving up things while being pregnant. I thought giving things up like coffee for 9 months would kill me--I was surprised that I adapted and survived. Crazy, but for me, giving up hot dogs was what killed me most during my first pregnancy! I craved them something awful but the doctor advised against eating them! For the second pregnancy, I didn't even try depriving myself. :)



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