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One sick boy!

WPM is home sick.  He has been home since Friday morning.  It started with a cough, then by Sunday was a worse cough and by Monday was the kind of cough that make him gasp for air.  He coughed a lot ... and then coughed what seemed like every single minute of the day.  He was miserable!!

He is now on the third day of two different kinds of steroids.  The doctor requested he stay home for the week ... but I am not sure either of us will make it that long.  He is missing his schedule and I am missing a few moments where he does not talk 24/7.  He is quite jacked up on drugs.  He talks constantly and can not sit still.  I have never taken steroids but I have been told by many they make you feel terrible.  I would attest to that plus so much more watching him this week.  

The county is quite upset that he is missing this much school.  They have called now twice to inquire as to when he will return.  My response ... I am quite sure it would not be responsible for me to send him to you in this condition.  Although his cough has improved he is quite out of sorts and will be quite difficult to manage. His anxiety on level ground is tough at times, but jacked up on steroids three times a day is quite a challenge!  He will return when the doctor seems it appropriate.  Thank you for calling ... yet again!

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A friend on Facebook recommended I send him to school with a note attached to him that reads ... 
Bee in mason jar, handle with care!

I plan to send him to school tomorrow and see how he fares.  Today is his last day of drugs so tomorrow is kind of iffy ... but he does miss his schedule and special ed kids thrive on schedule.  I am keeping my fingers crossed but also am prepared for the day not working out at all!!!  

Today we will hang out, I will answer 1,000,000 questions, watch him draw picture after picture and laugh a lot!!!  He is the funniest kid I know and when you jack him up on drugs he only gets funnier!!!

Have a good one!!!

1 comment:

  1. School may be calling due to FTE counts where they count all the kids in school during that specified week and give schools funding based on that. Just a thought.



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