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Color love!!

About a month ago I spotted these photos on Pinterest.  I instantly fell in love.  The blue, the green, the hint of pink ... heaven!!  

Our dining room is currently the green ... so I just needed to decide which room to make blue.

Dining room and panels

A little convo with the bestie and we both agreed.  It would be the front room ... aka the office.  We picked out the paint, grabbed some fabric to tie it all together ... and found some amazing plates at Boxwoods in town.

Confirmation photo ... we both loved!!

Bad photo ... fabric is so bright and happy in person!!

Amazing ... yes??

Now to just get it painted.  I can just hear Felix now ... didn't we juuuust paint this house neutral for resale???  We may have ... but I am no fan of neutral!!  Color makes me happy!!!

Just when I thought my love affair with blue and green was satisfied I spied these photos from the new JCrew line and the love affair was ignited even more!!!




The skirt, the shirt, the bag, the accessories and most of all the pants and the sweater ... simply put ... Divine!  
Looks like I have more shopping to do!!

And with this little buddy home sick for the week it looks like any shopping I will be doing will be online only!


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