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Valentine shopping!

I did a little shopping last week whilst recovering from the "near death".  I am thrilled with my happies and can't wait to wrap them and give them away for the day of love!!!

Lawyer will love!  He enjoys a smidge of bourbon on long days and these glasses are super cute!!

I shopped exclusively at Furbish Studio.  Partly due to the fact that it was filled with cuter than cute items and partly due to the fact I was too tired to search for other happies!

Also for Lawyer (and me).  I thought they would be super cute for our sinks!

I LOOOOOVE Valentines Day!  I usually host a brunch for friends but this year I skipped.  Between Lawyer's hectic travel schedule and the Lawyer family trading one illness for another I figured why add the extra stress?!  Plus ... we are headed for the beach on Friday and I am gone again next weekend to the lake, soooo the schedule seemed a smidge tight.

For friends ... aren't they too cute for words??

For the BFF!  She will looove it.  I wrapped it up with chocolates and mailed it North.  She is freezing her fanny off in Minneapolis so I am hoping it warms her day!

Since Lawyer leaves again on Sunday night we had to get a little creative on the celebration.  We agreed to a date night at home for Saturday evening and a family date night before he flies out on Sunday.  It's the thought that matters!!!

I have asked him to order some Thai for dinner ... the quickest way to my heart and I am making him a key lime pie for dessert.  He will be over the moon with love for me with this one.  Who doesn't love key lime??

Enjoy your weekend loves!!



  1. Love the holiday goodies!!! Hope you have a Happy Hearts Day!!

  2. I'm loving those glasses. I think they'd also make a fun wedding gift.



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