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The beginning of the revamp

As it always happens when I spend too much time in my house staring at the same rooms I decided they needed an upgrade.  Two years ago when I had my appendix removed I grew sick of our master and completely redecorated it.  Thankfully for myself and for Lawyer's wallet I still love it this time around!!

Lawyer had already given me the go ahead to redecorate the office and den areas so when I grew rather sick of both of them over this last month it wasn't a huge shock to his system.  He is not a fan of change.  At.  All!!! He still talks about how his mother had the "same avocado and gold kitchen for years" and how "those prints hung over our couch the entire time I was growing up yet in our house they have moved at least three times".  What can I say ... I love change!!

Yesterday's task was to start on the den.  I have already chosen the curtain and pillow fabrics so now it is just to decide on a new sofa and chair slipcovers, swap out dark accessories for ones with color and to restyle the bookcases!  The bookcases seemed to be eating at me the most so I started there.  It was a good compromise for me.  I needed a day in the house to rest (somewhat) and I knew the project would take almost all day.

Warning ... this post is extra heavy on the photos ... I will be super shocked if you are still reading at the end!  Hee hee!!!

Here are the before photos for both cabinets.  

The first thing needing to go was the nasty television.  It is bulky, small and uber tacky!!

Here is the fireplace before photo.  I did not shoot any photos after ... The clock has moved, the majolica plates have been saved for the office and the painting has been moved for a flat screen.

The coffee table.  It used to be our kitchen table when I was a child and my dad cut it down so I could use it as a coffee table.  I love having stools under it for games and coloring however these are all dark.  My vision  is to replace them with four of the same painted in different colors.  I have pondered either trading out the basket on the table for a lighter one or painting the current one.  I am just concerned that painting it will make it flake off.  Bad news bears idea if that happens!

Sofa table.  Like the green lamps, but changed up the rest.  Dark books are gone and two "staffordshire" bunnies were added.  

The table between the chairs.  My thought is it needs to be bigger and a color.  And I cleaned all the frames off the table.  WAAAAAY tooooo cluttered!

These two photos are all the things I gathered from around the house and from Scott's to add color to the room.  


Everything came down, the shelves were dusted and it began!

It started with one shelf and kept growing.  A lot of placing, taking down, starting over again and again!

A couple of things could not disappear.  The books were inherited by Lawyer from his grandmother.  He adored her ... so all I could do was trade out darker ones for lighter ones.  I pulled out the blues, greens and lighter ones.  Then I mixed them with silver frames and lighter accessories.  

By dinner time ... they were done.  

I added the chair from the office.  The chair was a gift from my dear friend M-A.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  It is a great green and blue stripe.  

It needs a new pillow but I like it here!  

The left console.  I like them both!!!  They feel lighter, airy and much cleaner to me than the previous look.  

You would be amazed what you find buried behind books.  That would be one wiffle ball, one bouncey ball, one waded up piece of paper, one Lego man sans head, one tiny hamster and WPM's first pair of glasses.  The most amazing part is that they were all found on the top shelves.  

Hmmm ... someone has a pretty good aim!!

Next project ... sofa and chairs!!



  1. You have great taste! I love the wood in your den! The after pics of the bookshelves were really attractive! Eveything looked good. I hope "lawyer" was happy too ;-)

  2. Thanks for the comment loves!! Lawyer arrives home tomorrow night and I am not sure he will notice the new styling on the shelves as much as he will notice the new TV. Lucky for him it will have a bow and a happy birthday sign on it!!!



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