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Happy Tuesday to you!!

I am so glad I am on a regular schedule of posting again.  I missed it and missed all of you!!!  It's nice to be back in routine and responsible for my own chores again.  Ok ... maybe I did not miss the chores, but you get what I am saying.  It's good to be healthy and good to be back to me!!!  

I found a new blog the other day and it has inspired me quite a bit.  When I found a blog that truly speaks to me I read back all the way to the beginning.  It takes a while, but it is always worth it.  If I am truly inspired by a blog I want to know everything it says, its almost like getting to know someone.

The new blog I am speaking of is called Simply Seleta.  She is a designer living near Seaside, Florida who juggles a business and raising four children.  I love her style and have really enjoyed reading her blog.  Last night when I was reading I came along a post that spoke to me.  She was blogging about a walk he took with her husband and their dog.  She related the walk they took to her life.  

"I couldn't help but think about our walk and how it relates to life.  We are on this unknown journey.  At times our path reveals the most beautiful things we couldn't even dream of or expect.  Other times it hands us something shocking, heartbreaking or jolting.  We are walking along and honestly never know quite what to expect.  It's easy to feel both excited and spooked at the same time.  

It's reassuring to know we aren't alone.  It's great to have someone there ... walking along next to you.  Sometimes the ones walking next to us change.  And that's okay.  They come and go during different seasons of our journey.   Many times someone has appeared in my life at precisely the time needed.  It's no coincidence.  I think it's a gift from the big guy upstairs."

I could not agree more.  I say it a lot ... but it is absolutely true.  I am one blessed girl.  I have been surprised a lot lately by those around me, both my family and my dear friends.  It's nice to know we aren't alone in our walks.  I am not alone on this earth and not alone elsewhere.  I see God in everything around me.

And I am incredibly grateful for it!!


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