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Freedom day

(thank you Pinterest!!)

Today I see my surgeon, my internist and my GI doctor.  I know ... a lot in one day, but since they are all in the same area I booked them all within hours of one another so that I knock out three birds with one stone. 

Well, four actually ... I can get released from this gallbladder ickness and weigh myself.  Seems completely changing your diet from eating what you want to hardly eating at all and then to eating very small meals six times a day will whittle your waist down.  Two weeks in I had dropped 7 pounds.  Of course I had not been eating much of anything when that happened and now have moved onto eating well but very light with tons of water to wash it all down.  I view it as the silver lining in all the sickness.  So I am equally as excited to tell the surgeon and the GI how much better I feel and request to be weighed.  

I figure it will all be worth the weeks lost if not only do I feel amazing but I also dropped another few pounds in the process.

Don't you??


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