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Q + A

I apologize repeatedly for the lack of posts this week.  I have been out of commission all week.  Not my favorite week and not worth expanding on too much.  I have pain and nausea that can't be diagnosed and I am walking into week two.  Quite frustrating!!  

I have little or no creative juices flowing so I lifted questionnaires floating around the design blog world.  I lifted more than one and then pulled out the questions I found interesting to post for you here.  I know it might seem a lame post but I figured answering questions would be easier than no post at all.

I am a big fan of questionnaires.  They always get me thinking and sometimes produce answers that surprise me.  Hope you enjoy!!!

1.  Name two tv shows that you must watch every week or record to watch later .... Revenge and The Voice
2.  Do you use the snooze button on your alarm ... Even worse I set two alarms and then turn off the first and then push snooze on the second.  Now that I have written it out it sounds incredibly lazy!!
3.  Are you the oldest, middle or youngest in your family? ... I am an only child
4.  Do you collect anything? ... Lots of things ... majolica plates, vintage silhouettes, tole trays, antique earrings and I can't seem to say no to shoes of almost any kind!!
5.  What is your middle name ... Paige
6.  Are you country or city, girlie or tomboy, talker or a listener? City girl for sure ... though I love to spend some in the country on weekends or vacations.  Girlie girl for sure and I am both a talker and a listener!
7.  What would your family and friends say is one of your best qualities?  What would they say is one of your worst?  I am a giver.  A giver of gifts and time.  I love to give to others.  Those closest to me would admit that it is a fine line for me at times.  I can give more than I ask for and that means sacrificing when I shouldn't.
8.  Do you like to cook or bake?  Cook yes, bake absolutely not.  There are plenty of talented people who I would rather buy from then bake it and have it fail!!!
9.  My one guilty pleasure is ... I feel like I have too many.  I love to lunch with friends, I love a mani/pedi and I adore a sweet treat!!
10.  The room in my house I like the best is ... right now my dining room.  The green is gorgeous and it makes me happy to walk in every single time!
11.  The accomplishment I am most proud of in the past year is ... putting myself first when I need to.  Weeding the garden is good for the soul!!
12.  What is one item on your bucket list ... riding in a helicopter.  Sounds so scary and so much fun at the same time!
13.  Which would you choose for a date with your husband:  Candlelight dinner at a nice restaurant or a day of hiking in the mountains?  I would say a hike in the mountains followed by a picnic.  We both love to be outside and take photos ... and we both enjoy and picnic.  Sounds like the perfect date to me!!
14.  In which sport or athletic activity would you most like to participate?  Tennis.  Its a great way to hang out with friends and eat yummy food and exercise.  Too bad I have never played and don't know the first thing about it!!
15.  What do you wish you were more knowledgeable about?  Art history
16.  What kind of driver are you?  Rule follower ... I have always feared I would die in a car accident!
17.  It is hard for me to ... This one was really hard.  I would say it is hard for me to face those who have hurt me!  I don't mean hurt my feelings ... I mean really hurt me!
18.  What are your nicknames?  My husband calls me "shug" or "my wife".  If he uses my name I am always shocked and if he uses my first and middle names I run for cover!!
19.  What is your best piece of advice for raising children?  Patience.  Little people make little people mistakes and do it repeatedly!!
20.  What is your biggest regret?  I don't have any.  Every decision I have made has brought me to the place I am now.  I love where I am and if I changed something I may not be where I am today!



  1. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better right away!!!!! and I totally identify with setting multiple alarms!

  3. I love questionnaires too! Great way to get to know people!



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