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Lake perfection!

Today's post is way over due but my arse is dragging!!!  I am pooped!  

This was my annual lake trip weekend.  We started with brunch on Friday and then headed off.  Roadies in hand and packed up and ready for late nights, great meals, girl time and giggling until our stomachs ached!!!

Cell phones deposited into a basket to be able to spend time with "the people you are with".

The meals are divided before we go and each of the match ups go over and above to make amazing food.  We have never had a bad meal in four years of going to the lake.  Each and every meal is better than the last.  We eat, and eat and eat!!! (and drink some too!)

This meal was made by our host ... Curried Butternut Squash soap and an amazing complimenting salad!!!  I am not sure why I only photographed this meal ... they were all to good to be true!!!

The best part about the lake for me is the laughter.  Wine spraying out your nose laughter.  The kind that makes your stomach ache for days!!!  We will be laughing about things we talked about until next year at the same time.  There will be texts, photos and emails that only us a group will understand.  One conversation we had was about number ones.  Who would we love to date that is famous.  Tennis Barbie stated hers was Anderson Cooper.  Of course Anderson Cooper is gay.  This afternoon Chelsea Handler sent us a number of photos from the weekend.  One of them was of Tennis Barbie's boyfriend Anderson and her boyfriends boyfriend.  I am still laughing!  

We always watch a movie.  Last year it was Love and Other Drugs.  Borders on soft porn.  My choice and I had no idea.  Good movie ... just wasn't prepped to see Jake Gyllenhaal's buck naked self.  Not complaining, wasn't prepared. 

This year we watched Country Strong.  I liked it a lot ... others hated it.  We cried, or some of us did, and the music is top notch!!!  I need to watch it again.  There was a lot of chatter going on and I think I missed a lot.  Can't watch it with Lawyer ... he will complain for ever that I chose another movie where the star dies.  I will save it for when he travels next.  

I love the water and this place is special to me.  It is peaceful, represents laughter and love to me.  The sun was setting and we squeezed in a group shot ... took a while to figure out the cameras ... but we did it!!!

A lot of more to the left, the right, hurry ... hurry ... and snap!  It was taken!!!

I squeezed in just as the photo was snapping ... hence the reason I seem to be more in the front of the rest.

Thank you girls for another great year!!!!


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  1. I loved Country Strong and my husband cannot understand why. I think he worries about my mental state every time I watch it and cry. But the music is great and for some reason, I just really liked it. Anyway, glad to know someone else appreciated that very depressing movie! Ha! Btw, those meals did look delicious!



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