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Bangle heaven!

I LOOOOVE the trend of stacking bracelets and bangles!  I mean really love it!  It's gotten to the point where I feel naked without at least two bangles on each arm.  Really ... its madness.  Who would wear just one bangle?  It feels like wearing just one earring.  

For me the love started back in the day when I first received my sterling silver charm bracelet.  I collected charms like mad.  I mean the more crap charms I had the better.  Went somewhere special ... needed a charm.  Liked something ... need another charm.  It was craziness and I loved it.  I still own the bracelet and still love to sport that noisiness when I am inspired to do so!

Then J Crew released their Lulu Frost bangles.  Holy hotpockets!  I feel madly in love and proceeded to collect all I wanted one by one until I scored the large black one on clearance for mere pennies compared to its original price!  So my arm basically looks like the photo above with the exception of the white (not a fan of its creamy color) and the larger navy (bestie scored that one).  

And then the Spring line of J Crew emerged.  I mean that arm ... seriously?  I will take it all!!!

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific is my arm candy idol ... Every single post is filled with arm candy du jour!  I could go own for hours on end at my love of her style!  The photo above doesn't do her arm styling justice!

I almost feel sad when her newest post has her sporting just a few garnishings!!  

What will I do when the trend ends??  You will probably see me about town looking like a hobo sporting more arm candy than is deemed appropriate.  



1 comment:

  1. I'm thinking I must have abnormally large wrists or something. Bangles almost never fit me! Bah!



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