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Sperry on the brain ...

I have had these in my sights for a while and now it is time to bite the bullet and make them mine!!  Last summer I wore the heck out of my polos and shorts, sporting it with popped colors and the Rainbow flip flops. I adored it and wore those Rainbows almost too much!  This year that same pair are looking quite tired and hopeless!
Hee hee ...

This year I am still clinging to my polo collection but also leaning to my oxford collection as well.  They are both perfectly me and perfectly preppy!!!  I am thinking it will be the go to outfit for the days of summer when I am transporting to swim team, summer school, soccer camp, tennis camp and Georgia Tech.

Add some cute jewelry and I will be ready for those girls lunches I so adore!

Perfectly paired with pears, a great watch, tortoise sunnies and a colorful bag!

What more does a girl need??

Oh .. I am sure I can make a long list.  Just not sure if any of them are qualified as needs!!


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