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Forecast calls for ... Joules

The weather man says today will be stormy!  I am usually not a fan of going out in a storm ... I would rather cozy up inside with a warm blanket, some popcorn and a movie.  But today I am excited to sport my new Joules wellies!

I had seen photos of these cuties but only recently saw them in person.  The entire time my friend and I were having lunch I was staring at her feet.  She had replaced the mustard ribbon with pink polka dot ribbon.  They were to die for!  It was all I could do not to knock her out and steal her boots.  If we only wore the same size!

At first I was sure I wanted red.  I mean red wellies ... it would be like Dorothy but with wellies.  

I scoured the website and they were out of my size.  It happens when you would probably fit the box better due to having such big feet.  Boo!!

Then I scored a navy pair on Ebay for half price.  Brand new!!!

Those babies arrived last week and I have been secretly praying for rain!  MHM is bummed her tennis lesson will be postponed due to weather ... but I am busy singing in the rain today with my new boots!!!


1 comment:

  1. Way to cute! I LOVE those boots! I am going to look for some now too! Thanks for sharing!



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