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Lawyer's Iphone

He sent this photo to his best friend ... who happens to be a woman and who I can definitely see acting just like this!!

This morning I uploaded photos from Lawyer's Iphone.  He had taken quite a few photos of the kids from the creek at the National Park behind our neighborhood and I wanted to load them into my laptop.  It was easier to upload all of his photos then try to pick and chose.  I just uploaded and then deleted all of the ones I wasn't interested in keeping.

Um.  Yep ... that is my husband home from law school.  And yes ... he still acts like that.

Couple of things I learned about him.  First, he takes a photo of his parking space each and every time he flies out of Atlanta.  When he returns he simply looks in his photo stream and knows exactly where he parked.  Pretty smart.  

Sunset he saw while flying.  He looooves to take photos of sunsets.  So much so that he broke his hand two summers ago doing just that.

Second, when I send him out looking for something for me he takes a photo of the product he is hunting.  When he finds it at the store he just compares the found product to the photo he took at home and then he knows he has the right item.  Very smart.  Saves him from having to return it and chose again.

Lastly, he saves a lot of things to his phone.  Some things he finds on Facebook and some things he spots on his travels.  Most of them are hilarious.  I spent quite a bit of time this morning just laughing as I scrolled through them.  I found a few I could share here with you.  Ps ... you should know Lawyer is a very conservative Republican.  Basically Alex P. Keaton.  And he isn't afraid to tell anyone.  

(Disclaimer ... none of the photos below were meant to insult at all.)

He swears this is our youngest.  I tend to agree.  When she gets mad its best to steer clear!

He is an attorney working in house for an engineering and architectural firm.  He loves to talk about Engineers. 

This is the perfect rendition of our children.

He saw it and he saved it.  Yet he still tries this.  Hmmm ... 

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Thanks for sharing these! I'm cracking up at my desk.

  2. And now I love your husband even more! sigh.





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