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Last day of school craziness!!!

It's official ... it is the very last day of school!!  Those babies get out at 12:20 and my clock is ticking!!!  So far the day has not been as smooth as I would like, however I am sure it will be turning around any minute now!!

1.  First up ... when the kids came down for breakfast WPM looked at his adorable teacher gifts and said the following.  "Wow, a flower pencil cup full of personalized pencils.  I like the tag.  'Thank you for being just WRITE this year and helping me GROW.'  Pretty creative Mom.  Dad could have done better."  

And he will be looking for a new home come 12:30 today.  Apparently Lawyer has been buying secret teacher gifts for years and wrapping them with more than cello, multi colors of wraphia and making tags that are way more creative then mine.  Who knew?  Next year I will let him handle it so WPM won't be disappointed.

2.  Drove the freshman to school today.  Stopped at a traffic light and answered a text.  Proceeded to dump an ENTIRE cup of hot coffee in my lap before the light turned green.  HSM's response ... "They are right ... you shouldn't drive and text."

He too will be looking for a new residence!

3.  Came home to finish up the gifts for the front office girls.  Made a cup of Quaker Cherry Pistashio oatmeal. Followed the directions perfectly.  It scorched and now the house smells rank!!

Patio door is now open and candles are lit. 

It WILL get better!!  I promise you!  


Update ... the day did get a whole lot better, but I knew it would.  I trashed the oatmeal for a whole grain bagel.  It was not my first choice but I figured I needed more caffeine and a bigger breakfast for the crazy day that was unfolding!

I then headed to Good Will for a drop off and some shopping.  I LOVE THE GOOD WILL!!!  I can not stress that one enough.  And it was the perfect call.  I hit the jackpot.  I promise to post some photos next week.  I am off for wine and apps for our friends that are moving next weekend.  I am hoping for a lot of wine and very few tears this evening!!  

xxoo, mpm


  1. Wow! Can't believe your kids re out of school already! Love the personalized pencil idea. Please share your ideas for the office tricks are getting old!

    1. For the office girls I took a box of Izze soda and took three of them out. I rolled up a magazine for one slot and then added a pair of the fun color flip flops in the back two sections which I made into one. The note said ... I hope your summer IZZE fabulous! They loved them!!!



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