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It's summer time!!!

Yes, it is school is out here in Georgia and it is officially summer time!!!

The pool, lazy mornings, picnics, lemonade, watermelon, barbeques, flip flops every day, sprinklers, ice cream truck ...

It's here!!!

I rushed around for two solid days after returning from New York to prepare for summer.  I made 2 trips to Target, 3 trips to the grocery store, 1 trip to Old Navy and numerous lists!!

I have gathered ...
sunscreen (2 kinds this year, thanks Grove Gal!!)
2 pairs of flip flops for all
new goggles for all
2 gallon container of vanilla ice cream (WPM can't eat anything from the ice cream truck!)
Large container of 
t shirts and summer shorts for all (Target has the cutest shorts for girls!!)
new bathing suits for the boys
snacks for the first few weeks
dinner ingredients for the grill
4 pairs of Callahan shorts for me (thanks Lilly for finding the last 2 pairs)

I have hired a new sitter for the summer ... our precious sitter is moving at the end of June to Clemson and we are more than sad to lose her!!!  Here's hoping the new girl works out as well as the last two!!!  Finding a replacement for Mary Poppins two years ago has been really hard!  How do you replace family???  Sigh!!!

My favorite part of the beginning of summer is always the same ... and the kids giggle every year when we do it.  When they come home from school on the last day I make them take off their gross, nasty tennis shoes they have basically worn every day for the school year and we throw them in the trash!!  They are usually almost too small, always smelly and for sure always covered in orange Georgia clay.  They throw them away and I hand them 2 pairs of flip flops for the summer.  Other than sport camps they wear these almost every. single. day.  At the end of the summer we take those cheap flip flops and do the same thing ... trash them in exchange for new school tennis shoes!!  So fun!!!

Happy Summer to you!!!


(all photos courtesy of my Pinterest account!!)

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