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Southern send off ...

One set of our dear friends is moving to New Jersey in two weeks.  A group of us hosted a true Georgia send off with all the tacky scary details that can be found living in the South.  We decided it was more fun to scary it up than to dress up in our seersucker and sundresses and send her off with Arnold Palmers and pimento cheese sandwiches.  This would be something they would NEVER forget.  

The hostesses ... Kathy, Lee, me and Sporty Spice
What you are missing in this photo ... two pairs of cowboy boots (mine were red), one sketchy pair of heels and one pair of house shoes.  Good times!

Our dear friends ... they were such good sports.  The details in their outfits are the best part for me!!  That hair on her, the shoes, that bra ... I die!!

Clothesline ... they were some real treasures displayed up there!  We had two clotheslines, one with clothes and one garland of crushed up beer cans!

Baby pool full of drinks 

Lawyer was not excited to be wearing a muscle shirt.  He warmed up after a while.  His koozie says ... "According to my wife I am very happy!!" 

Trashy food galore ... here is the peanut shell pot that clearly we used for all kinds of trash!

Jello shots ... I mean, they were pretty good if I do say so.  I did have to research how to make them and during my research I learned how to light one on fire.  Notsomuch!!

June Cleaver, Bev Wilshire and Sporty Spice ... I do love to give all my friends nicknames!

Bev and Ward Cleaver ... his overalls were perfect!!

Really, a party exists in the details .. don't you think??

We did have a blast!!!  Great friends, good music and an amazing slide show!!  The times with these girls is always more fun than it should be ... great friends and great times!!  

 I changed before we left ... had to sneak out to go home and pack for my last minute trip to Florida. 

Notice the purple lace bra in the left hand corner.  Oh the details!!

Our dear friends at the end of the evening ... these two are very special people and the thought of them moving in two weeks is quite a lot to handle.  Our circle won't be the same!!!

We love you Beth and Brad!!!



  1. Oh,how much fun!! I may just have to steal your party ideas! LOVE the pics,thanks so much for sharing....

  2. Fun - it looks like you all had a great time! Jello shots - yummy!



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