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The summer list ...

Sorry for the lack of posts ... I am trying to settle in to my summer routine.  Lawyer was home for a total of FOUR days so I have tried to be present for him as well.  And last, but surely not least, our friends are leaving tomorrow for New Jersey and I have dropped other things any time any one of our group says gather in the hopes of treasuring all the time that can be had with them before they start their new life outside of Georgia.  

 Summer ... wow!  It's a great time but surely takes a week or two to settle in to a new routine!!  I am hopeful that next week will be smoother and we will all settle in nicely to the new schedule.   HSM is taking Driver's Ed  next week and other than swim team practice and a home swim meet we should have a pretty easy week.  Now that I have put it in print the whole week will blow up!!!  

Have you been to Target to buy the adorable Champion running shorts for girls yet??  They are so cute and we have already worn them more than I ever thought possible. If MHM is not clad in a Speedo for swim practice she is sporting a pair of running shorts and a solid T shirt!!  She looks adorable and is super comfortable.  If I only looked as cute as she does I would be wearing the exact same thing!!

I am toying with the idea of a Summer Bucket List ... although I am not a fan of the title. I will get back to you when I decide what to call it and how to make one.  I know I want to do some things we have never done and then there are things we do each year!  So far on my list ... an overnight trip to Tennessee, a visit to the Botanical Gardens, a camping trip with Daddy (sans moi!!),  weekly trips to the library,  banana splits from Bruesters on bring your own banana Thursdays, picnics at the pool for dinner ... the list is growing and probably will be an ongoing list of things we decide to do.  Since last summer was eaten up by the "non move" I want to make this one we will truly enjoy!!!

What should I add to my list ??  


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  1. Our group of friend,plan on attending our Concert in the Park series,that we have here in Huntsville,every Mon.night.You bring your dinner,drinks and dine in the park while listening to different bands every week. They were fabulous last year! I can't wait!!



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