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Happy Father's Day!!

We treated our Daddy to a day of pampering just the way he likes it!!  First he slept in ... and I mean slept in!!  We were done waiting to spoil him and finally woke him at 10:30.  I mean, how long am I supposed to keep two excited kids at bay?  Of course the teenager was sound asleep until he heard the word "brunch" and then hopped up to join us!!

Our daddy is a creature of habit.  He has a few favorite places he likes to eat for each meal and doesn't like to venture outside his zone.  The only meal he will be adventurous with is dinner and usually only if its just the two of us.  For brunch he likes J Christopher's or Thumbs Up.  Thumbs Up won out!!!

I tried to order something healthy ... I really did!!  I almost ordered the egg whites over the steamed spinach but I just couldn't do it.  I ordered the heap.  It is way too much food but is completely delish!! I ate almost all of it which is why I only ate one real meal on Sunday.  I snacked at dinner and still felt full Monday morning.  

But it was delish!!!

One full and happy Daddy.  Still jet lagged from two long weeks in California as seen in his eyes!  Poor Daddy!!!

This special sounds great ... but would definitely need to be split.  And for that price it would be a steal and plenty of food for me and one child.  Lawyer refuses to split anything.  He makes me order my own.  Bums me out ... I love to split!!

While we were in Roswell we decided to make a list of all the restaurants we want to try and make it our weekly date night.  I love Roswell.  So much charm, outside eating and by far the best restaurants around!!!  This Saturday night will be our first and I can't decide which one to try first!!!  

Our weekly tradition ... each of us gets a scratch off.  We started at the beginning of June and so far have had quite a good streak.  Week 1 - two lucky tickets totaling $35, week 2 - two more lucky tickets totaling $20 and week 3 only one lucky one for $2.  It was the first week we took Lawyer and he was quite the sour puss about the whole idea.  I think he may be our unlucky charm.  Next week he stays home!!

The kids and Lawyer played Wii when we got home and I headed to urgent care.  It seems if you have a dull  cough that refuses to go away after a month you might have bronchitis.  No wonder I am exhausted all the time and when I cough I sound like I am dying of emphysema.  Five days of strong cough meds at night and one round of Zithromax and I am promised to be right as rain once again.    

We headed out for dinner and ended the evening snuggling and watching a family movie.  All in all a great day for this party of five.  The best part was being a party of five.  The travel makes me weary and we sure do miss our Daddy!!!

Happy Father's Day Lawyer!!!

We love you!

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