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On your mark, get set and SWIM!!

June for us is a huge commitment!  It is swim team season and that means daily practices plus afternoon clinics and weekly swim meets.  My kids LOOOVE swim team so I suck it up and put on a smile and go along for the ride!!!  This year I am concession chair which is a BIG job but luckily I have taken the position from two very organized friends which has made it easy peasy!!!!! Without them I would be lost in a sea of ice, sodas, hot dogs, nachos and candy for days!!!

This is our little fish.  She has the swim bug this year.  She has gone from liking swim team to pushing herself to the next level.  Watching her swim at the meets makes me so proud.  Her determination and competitive streak is something I never possessed at her age.  Clearly she will be going back to year round swimming in the fall!!!

WPM took a picture of his little sister's arm.  He was amazed that she had so many events when he only had two.  He commented to me ... "She will need a lot of sugar to make it thru this night.  I hope you brought a lot of cash!!!"  He was right ... she was one tired girl.  Actually, tired doesn't describe it.  Girl might not either ... bear might be a better description for that little one.  Luckily she took a nap before we left.  She swam like a fish all night and then crashed in the car on the way home!!

Why yes that is my Cynthia Rowley for Target chair.  I have two of them.  They are looking a little worn out but I will be using them until they collapse into a pile of thread.  My kids can spot me in a minute in those pink and green chairs!

I love these babies!!!  Too bad the teenager wasn't around for the evening.  I could have knocked off swim meet and Christmas card photo in one evening!!

The sunset over the high dive.  What a gorgeous evening!!!  Speaking of high dive ... I remember having to pass a test to be able to jump off the high dive.  I also remember it being a WHOLE lot bigger!!!

The big OH YEAH face when she realized she was the first swimmer to the wall!  

Yes!!! That is our middle child swimming.  Please notice he is swimming one direction and all the other boys are swimming the other direction.  He isn't the fastest swimmer but he is the most determined one of the bunch.  And he thinks he is a rock star ... which clearly HE IS!!! 

I realized last night I have had children in swim team for ten years.  I remember when HSM started at the age of 4 and WPM was only a baby in a bucket seat.  My neighbor (who I depended on for all my parenting advice) talked me into signing him up.  I kept insisting he would never make it down the lane.  She looked at me and said "Yes he will!!" and he will receive six weeks of swim lessons for the bargain price of the sign up fee.  She was absolutely right.  Swim team is the best thing for my kids.  It has taught them self confidence, determination, team spirit and friendship.  Their is nothing cuter than watching them cheer on their friends and  reward them when they reach the wall.  

And where else can you eat from the snack bar like its Christmas!!!  

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  1. The making of great memories! Enjoy these years, they pass so quickly and then you actually miss them. I know I miss the activities my kids participated in when they were young!



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