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Hunting at Goodwill!

I love hunting for goodies at Good Will.  It all started when I was hunting for dress up clothes for MHM's last birthday party.  We needed to upgrade from the princess clothes and store bought dress up to a trunk full of shoes, hats, jewelry and fun clothes she and her friends could play in for hours.  I hunted the web for ideas and came across a great party idea where the mom had set up a red carpet for the kids to walk once they were dressed.  I loved it!!  She had hunted for fun dresses and tops the girls could change into from Good Will and thrift stores and I thought the idea was brilliant.  So off to Good Will I headed!!

After gathering some great shoes, accessories, hats and bags at the first location I spotted what appeared to be a Louis Vuitton in the fancy counter section.  Surely not .. right?

Oh yes it was.  Cross body Louis Vuitton complete with six digit code missing its shoulder strap for a mere $22.  I bought a brand new shoulder strap on Ebay for about $150.  Score!!!  I have since purchased a second mini Louis!!  The second one I found for $40.  

Later that day I also scored the Thomas Pink button down in the photo for $4.  I spent many a weekend in that shirt with leggings last winter.  So comfy!!!

And with that I was hooked.  I had found many goodies since then.  Some visits are a complete bust and others are major scores.  But nothing ventured nothing gained.  Recently MHM was with me and picked out a handful of paperback books for less than a dollar a piece.  She was so excited to be able to purchase six books and I was thrilled at the price.  Also on that visit she located a cheerleader jersey from the high school HSM attends that she loves to sleep in ... she has been begging me to take her shopping at that fun store ever since!

Inspired by Eddie Ross's thrifting for table settings I set out one day to find a couple of things for our Easter table.  I came home with the vintage full size sheet and blue and white china in the photo above.  I washed the sheet then sent it to the dry cleaners for heavy starch.  It was the perfect spring table cloth.  

The blue and white china was a serving for 8 cups, saucers and all for $25.  I mixed the blue and white china with green majolica plates I owned and white and green flowers for a fun, inexpensive table setting.  I was quite proud of myself!!

China and glassware are easy finds.  I have to keep myself from grabbing up all the great glasses I see.  Where oh where would I store them??

This cut glass compote is huge and I only paid $4 for it.  It was quite dusty when I purchased it.  I washed it and now it sits it the center of the dining room table.

This is a set of 8 vintage glasses. They are heavy and perfect for parties!!  I paid $4 for the set.

One of my favorite finds ... Cut glass carafe with a silver top.  $3.  I almost freaked when I found it!!!

The silver plate platter was also a Good Will score.  I can't remember what I paid for it ... it was super cheap and very dirty.  I wasn't sure what it would look like when it was polished and was pleasantly surprised when it came almost perfectly clean!

I grabbed up this blue and white vase for about $3 and immediately filled it with pink gerber daisies.  I love how it turned out!!

My last visit I scored the above happies.  I used the white basket for my friend Beth who just moved to New Jersey.  The girls and I filled a bag and basket with goodies and snacks for their drive.  The basket was huge and held a lot!!

The old blue and white pieces were a huge find for me and they along with the lamp in the next photo are now in one of my favorite vignettes in the house.  I am waiting to add curtains to the den before deciding whether to paint the lamp or leave it brown.  I love the design and all I did when I got home was add a shade and finial.  I scored the lamp for $7.  $7!!!  And it is one of my favorite lamps in the house!!!

I think my total that day was about $30.  Doesn't get any better than that to be able to add so many great pieces to the house!!!

Speaking of lamps I also found this cute pink one on a Good Will day.  I think I paid $4.  I had the shade and the finial is from another lamp that cracked.  I have a finial and shade stash!!

I love this lamp in the new blue office!  This photo doesn't do it justice!

This post is making me want to go thrifting today!!!

I will let you know what I find!!



  1. Great finds! I love stopping by our local Goodwill too - but I can't say I've ever come across a LV there!

  2. Great finds! I love exploring Goodwills everywhere I go. You never know what goodies you will find. Love the blue & white!

  3. Very clearly a fake Louis Vuitton



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