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Our youngest MHM is 7 years old.  She just completed first grade.  She loves to swim, but even more than swimming she loves to win.

She got up yesterday morning at 8:30 and swim for 45 minutes doing laps and drills at swim team practice.

She then convinced me to take her back at 10:00 am for another 45 minutes of laps and drills.

She then attended a clinic at noon for thirty minutes on the breast stroke.

She attended another clinic at 1:00 for thirty more minutes on starts, dives and streamlining.

She came home, ate lunch and slept for an hour.

We went back to the pool at 5:00 pm for a swim meet.  

She swam in five events.  

We arrived home at 9:30 pm and she showered and headed for her bed.

As I tucked her in she said she was proud of her swimming.  She should be!!  She earned 3 first place ribbons and 2 second place ribbons.  The first one was for back stroke and the other team had a swimmer who beat her by less than a second.  The other one was the butterfly which she just mastered this week.

Right before I left her room she said ... "Next week I will do even better!"

I am inspired by her hard work and determination!!!

I love you baby girl ... you inspire me to work hard each and every day!!!



  1. WOW!! Go baby girl..mine is at Fun Friday for swim Team right now..She loves it..mastered and 1st place in Freestyle..moving onto the the Breast Stroke..I think back Stroke is the hardest of all and so proud of your girl!

  2. I love summer swim team and see the same determination in my son. He did a 400 medley for warm down last night. The coach kept coming over to me to comment on his determination. it's so great for them to have this boost without any pressures or expectation. It's up to them to do their best and it seems they are doing just that!



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