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A naturale blond!

WPM started tutoring this morning.  He will go four days a week for an hour.  Our hope and the goal is to be able to read more fluently and be able to read large chunks of text without anxiety.  I am hoping that four days a week for six weeks comes darn near close to that goal.  It's a huge time comittment for both of us and a huge interruption into my summer laziness!!  Fifth grade = a butt load of reading!!!

This morning while we are having breakfast WPM starts talking about his tutor.  He is asking a lot of questions and I am thrilled he is talking.  He is quite a talker but not usually about things that make him nervous.  Teachers in general make him nervous, but if he likes her and feels comfortable with her he will move the earth to work for her!!!

He boldly states this morning that he is sure to like his tutor.  "She is a blond and you know I really loooove a blond.  And hers is natural."


"Yes, unlike you hers is natural blond.  Since you pay Hair Girl to make your hair that way you are a naturale. It's just like the yogurt container that says its all naturale.  And then you taste it and its gross!!"

At least he likes the tutor.

Maybe he can live with her!!


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