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Summer days ... loads of fun!!!


MHM and three friends eating frozen yogurt ... I do love a yogurt run!!

HSM was taking Driver's Ed classes and WPM said there was absolutely no way he would be seen in public with THAT many girls!

Sheesh ... 

This is the coffee delivery I received this am!  Swim team remnants on her arm ... already dressed in a bathing suit at 9 am.  God bless that child.  She knows not to ask for too much before I have my coffee!

Smart girl ... 

A four leaf clover I found over at the Bestie's house.  I forgot and left it in my hot car and it died ... lucky me I took a photo!! 

Dinner at Waffle House ... how else do you say summer than eating at a counter!!  

Unless you want to freeze your fanny off do not sit at the counter.  Apparently the coldest seats in the house. 

Sent this photo to Lawyer when he told me his summer schedule.  If I am to be alone all summer again me thinks I need another anniversary band!!  I sent him this photo and he sent me a photo back of his hand.  Ummm ... although I did think it was super funny I wasn't kidding!

Then I sent him this photo and sad I could always hire a manny.  

He said he would prefer to buy the ring.

Smart man ... 

Adorable vintage hutch I bought for MHM's room.  Bought it, had it delivered and after two hours of trying to fit it in her room decided it was going into the kitchen.  The ceiling in her room may be 8 feet but the door frame is only 6 1/12 feet tall.  Silly me ... 

And here is its new home.  Of course I have now changed all the plates and picked out a new kitchen paint color.  

Holy crap ... how does this all start??

Dresser number 2.  Fits just fine.

Didn't have this one delivered.  It is one HEAVY piece!

Ikea book case to handle all the book and riff raff.  It took me and two kids to load it into the car and me and two kids to put it together.  This is a boy's work!

Bestie sent me this.  

No comment needed!

Trying to take a photo a day ... sometimes more.  
I do love the summer!!!


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