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One stop helpful hints for your home

Of course I spend hours on Pinterest, doesn't everyone??  When Lawyer comes down stairs and sees me sitting at the computer he always asks, "so, what did you find on Pinterest"?  

Last night while I was perusing pins for white subway tile I came across a new pinner to follow.  How I got there I could never tell you but got there I did.  One of her pins stopped me in my tracks.  It was a link to Real Simple for surprising tips for cleaning your house.  I mean amazing tips and all in one place.

Here is the pin you need.  Check it out ... I loved some of the tips I found.

Basically you can use baking soda to safe the world ... or at least unclog your drain and clean almost your entire house.  

Once you repin it you should head out to the market and grab some baking soda, dryer sheets, Dawn, rubbing alcohol and salt.  You can MacGyver your house with those handy items!!

I am just saying ...


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