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I pad love!!

This is my brand new I Pad Lawyer surprised me when I returned home from Florida!!! He is not one for surprises and when he manages to plan something he is almost giddy.  Gifts and surprises are not really his "thing".  There are a few things he knows I like and it makes me incredibly happy when he does them!  He will occasionally wake up on the weekends and announce he is running to grab a bagel for me which he knows I love!!!  He used to buy them all the time when we were dating.  And he always remembers just the way I like it ... everything toasted with light cream cheese, sliced tomato and onion.  YUM!!!  When he is out running errands sometimes he will bring home a Chick Fil A iced tea.  I will never forget the Saturday he brought home two.  "One for today with extra ice just the way you like it and one for tomorrow with no ice since they are closed on Sunday."  I am pretty sure I was pregnant at the time and I cried with joy!!!  And I am 100% sure he looked at me like I had three heads!

So I will confess I probably spent a solid block of time playing on the I pad and then looked up and realized it was hours later.  I felt like a kid with a new electronic.  I guess I am ... it really isn't any different than my I phone but yet seems a whole lot better.  I am quickly getting used to all the amazing things it does!!!  I had to put it away yesterday and today to be able to get some chores done.  If I only liked reading books electronically I would probably never put it down.  It has been great this week Facetiming since he is in Vancouver.  

 I loaded this photo as the lock screen image. That way I will remember this sweet side the next he does something terrible silly...

I love you babe!!


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