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Long week + no calendar = FAIL!!

I have so many posts to catch up on.  The teenager is at Georgia Tech for nine days attending the coolest camp ever!!  Fourth of July at the Marietta Square was the best yet!  Family in town with lots of eating and martini tasting and last, but certainly not least baby girl made it to the state qualifying county meet.  So many things to tell you and many photos to share ... but I will catch you up quickly with yesterdays complete fail of a day!!!  Maybe, just maybe I will be able to giggle a little over the complete cluster of a afternoon and evening!  

Maybe ...

So ... we had been hosting Lawyer's family for the past four days.  His youngest brother, wife and two precious little girls were here from South Florida.  His middle brother, wife, teenager and Papa were hanging out at the house since all the little kids were here.  That makes a house of 12.  We had a great time hanging at the pool for hours, eating yummy food grilled by Lawyer, laughing and trying one yummy drink after another at the hands of little brother who worked as a bartender for years.  There is nothing better than having him show up at the pool with a pitcher and a stack of red solo cups!!!  

In the clean up for their arrival I had misplaced my calendar.  I knew it would turn up but for the time being it was clearly misplaced.  I went from lazy days by the pool with my red solo cup all weekend to hitting the ground running Tuesday with Lawyer making an early flight, WPM's bus coming at 7:50 am and the housekeeper here at 10:30.  All in all it was going well.  I was sleepy and in need of a second cup of coffee but it was not a complete cluster.

Yet ...

The kids had to be at VBS at 12:30.  I picked up WPM at school on the other side of the universe at 11, hit the market for lunch and dinner fixings, fed them a healthy home made lunch and got them there just in time to see everyone else picking up their children. 


VBS was 12:30 to 3:30!!!  Or so I thought.  Apparently that was the June session.  The marque clearly stated "Welcome to July VBS 9:30 am".  I am not sure who was more upset, them or me.  I tried to rally and headed to Target for something fun to do.  $150 later I am not really clear what all we bought.  But isn't that always true.  I swear Target has a $100 cover charge.

Return home and friends over and the kids seemed less upset with me although I felt like the worst mother ever.  (I did however find my calendar not that it would have helped me.  I clearly wrote down the wrong time!!)  About 5 ish the heavens opened and we had a hard and fast thunderstorm blow in.  Rain pounding the house and lightening and thunder along with it!  I remember thinking please do not let a tree fall and hit the house, I am NOT in the mood.  

No tree ... just a flooded basement!  Water, red clay and three screaming kids.  Oh, and a husband in California who thought I could clean it all up with the shop vac.  Hahahaha ... NO!!!  

About 9 ish last night I posted the following on Facebook ...

So ... started the day by showing up to VBS to drop off my kids just as everyone else was showing up to pick theirs up. Tried to regroup this afternoon only to have the basement flood. Tried to use the shop vac and found it full of tile and dust from our bathroom redo last summer. Cut my hand opening a bottle of wine and now I am eating a Lean Cousin and headed to bed. This day is not my favorite!!

(FYI ... a Lean Cousin is a Lean Cuisine!)

As I laid in bed with my glass of wine last night I heard the rain start again ... and I cried and cringed at the thought of how much water we would have downstairs.  I can report this morning that not much more collected and the water guy who just arrived seems confident that he might be able to save the year old carpet although the expensive pad must go.  UGH!!

Oh and as I dropped off the kids this morning on time at VBS baby girl reminded me that we also forgot she had a tennis lesson yesterday at 4.  

Great ... there's another person I owe an apology to today!!


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