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Where oh where am I??

Wow!!!  I have so many blog posts to catch up on!!  The teenager took my laptop to camp with him, his Dell died, and I don't seem to post without it.  All my photos are stored on the laptop and its so much easier to post using it!  I had grand plans of posting this week when I flew down to see my grandmother and then arrived and noticed the Wifi at the rehab facility was unsecure and it just seemed like a bad idea.  So while she slept between therapy sessions I read.  It was relaxing but I am sooo behind on posts!!!  

To catch you up quickly ... here is what is currently happening in the Lawyer house ...

HSM is home from his 10 days at Engineering Camp at Georgia Tech ... He loved it!!  Last Saturday when I headed to pick him up I asked if he was ready to go.  His response ... "No.  I had an awesome time and I am definitely not ready to come home."  Clearly money well spent!!

WPM is still going to summer school and has one more week left.  Although he loves the schedule I love the schedule free life of summer.  Summer school is a big commitment but I am confident it will be well worth everyone's time.  But I will be thrilled when it is done next week .... I feel like I will finally be on vacation!

Swimming is over and we are loving the more relaxed days.  I can already tell MHM is missing her time in the pool.  She loves to swim laps and loves competing even more.  I have signed her up for year round swimming and she is thrilled.  She will most likely swim twice a week ... maybe three at most.  I wish I loved to swim laps as much as she does.  It is the best exercise!
We are headed for the beach in exactly 12 days.  I have already started gathering items to pack ... it is NEVER to early to pack for the beach!!  I can not wait for the lazy days with books, picnics and sunsets!!  

Lawyer has been home for 4 days and we have not had more than a few hours together.  He arrived Saturday night and I left early Sunday morning to see my grandmother.  He flies out again on Sunday and will be back two days before vacation.  I am so looking forward to all those vacation days of family time.  I may even hide his work Blackberry.  No checking email = no conference calls.  Good plan ... yes?

I just flew in from Orlando and am beyond exhausted.  I am headed for bed and can not wait to tuck myself into my own bed ... there is nothing like home!!


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