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Our little swimmer goes to County!!

(on the way to the State Qualifying meet)

I was not an athlete.  I was always a book worm.  I am still not an athlete and have traded in intense love of books for magazines and the internet.  

Neither of the boys seem to be athletes.  The oldest one loves books and his laptop.  The middle one loves movies, books and to write.  He writes amazing stories.  

Our youngest child is clearly the athlete in the family.  She loves to play soccer, swim and is taking tennis lessons.  She also wants to play softball in the fall.  Seems like quite a lot to me but she seems to handle it just fine.

Her dedication during Swim Team made her eligible for the County meet.  The top three best times in each age group in each event move on to the State meet.   Baby Girl competed in the free style events.  She would swim both the 25 and 50 yard events.  To qualify for the County meet she had to swim the 25 yard freestyle in less than 32 seconds.  She qualified with a score of 20.6 seconds.  Before the meet she was seeded 27th out of 69 girls in her age group.  

Her first event was the 50 yard freestyle.  She was in heat 1 of 2 heats of 20 total kids.  She was originally seeded at 21 out of 22 kids with a qualifying time of 55.30.  She finished first in her heat with a time of  43.61.  She finished 11th of out of 20.  She was thrilled to shave off so much of her time even though she didn't do a flip turn.  She was so worried she would mess up and be disqualified. 

Her next event was the 25 yard freestyle.  The last thing her Daddy told her was to knock it out of the park. Swim as fast as she could and be proud of herself.  And that she did!!!

(MHM is in lane 2 in the pink cap)

She was nothing short of amazing swimming the 25 in 19.06!!!

She swam in heat 5 and there were two heats after that.  
At the end of heat 5 she was in first place.  My heart was racing.  I was freaking out and the proudest parent in the world all at the same time.  At the end of heat 6 she was in second place.  Only one person beat her score.  I was filled with nausea and excitement all at the same time.   

When all was said and done she ended up in 6th place.  The first three spots only beat her by 1 second.  

She isn't going to state but we are still incredibly proud!!!! 

It was an amazing day.  She walked out of that meet a true winner.  Only six weeks earlier she hadn't swam laps in over a year.  She hadn't swam year round in two years.  She made a decision to swim like a champ and that she did!  I can not describe the feeling of watching her jump up and down in excitement nor the chills I get every single time I watch the video of her swimming the 25 and come in first place in her heat.  She hauled ass!!!  Lawyer is screaming for her in the video.  A daddy cheering on his baby girl.  

I think I fall in love with him every single time I watch it.  

She had a great season and is very happy!!!

And so is this mama!!!

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  1. Yay MHM! I love hearing stories about young swimmers who love it. I love hearing stories about swimming to win! I grew up swimming too, and the freestyle was my event. When I got older I started swimming the 400-free.... that's a lot laps!



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