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The teenager goes to college!

Our boy left home ... and went to Georgia Tech.  

For nine days at Engineering Leadership Camp. 

He traded in his cargo shorts, flip flops and solid Ts for khakis, dress shorts, button down, polos, ties, navy blazers and dress shoes.

When I dropped him off on July 5th he was quite nervous.  He didn't know anyone attending and was quite unsure of how the whole camp would progress.  Besides building a robot and a wind turbine and attending leadership sessions he had no idea what they would be doing for nine long days.

We got him settled in his dorm.  I made his bed, unpacked his clothes and we found the showers, cafeteria and a few other basic things he would need. 

I left him late in the afternoon to fend for himself.  I was confident he would love it.  I was overwhelmed with pride.  He was only 2 students out of 50 from Georgia and the only one from his high school.  It would be an amazing experience and his college application would be filled with experiences and recommendations from people he would meet.  

Here is a rare photo of our teenager.  He made me promise before we took it that I wouldn't post it on  Facebook.  And I didn't post it on FB ... just my blog.  Hee hee!!!

On my way to get him 9 days later I texted and asked if he was ready to come home. 

He texted back ... No!
"I had an awesome time and I am not ready to come home."

Exactly what I wanted to hear.  

Money well spent!!


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