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Daddy day care!!!

Returned last night from five days in Florida.  It was my monthly trip to visit my Nana.  After all she has been thru in the last few months Lawyer is making every effort to give me a few days with her each month.  She is doing well but she is 91 and all of that could change quickly!  It is a sacrifice for all ... but sooo worth it!!!  When I called to tell her I was in the rental car and on the way to her she started crying.  I was worried but her response brought me to tears.  

"I'm fine ... I am just so excited to see you!!!"

Just a little snapshot for you today.  Don't want you to think Lawyer isn't a good provider ...

Here is recycling bin this am.  Piled full of pizza boxes.  Guess they ate a lot of pizza!!!  

But ... no worries ... they had drinks, too!!!!

That is one funny photo!!!

Guess I will be cooking this week!!


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