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The first day of school ...

No matter how hard I tried to pretend it wasn't sneaking up on me ... it did, and school is once again back in session!  Luckily it was just me who was whining and moaning about it ... the kids are thrilled!!!

We are thrilled with our teachers this year and decided to show our love with candy grams!!

We showered, ironed and stuffed our new messenger bags with goodies and they were off to start a brand new year as a second grader, a fifth grader and a sophomore!!


When I asked the teenager to pose with his siblings he set up his backpack and told me to go ahead and take the photo ... "I will not be posing for any photos for Facebook or your blog".  

Hmm ... 

And WPM told me to make sure you got a close up of his T shirt.  He is hoping to win over his new teachers with his wit.

I am in mourning today.  It is another year and they are another year older and closer to leaving this Lawyer nest.  Another summer is ending and we are all getting back to the grind of schedules and events!!

Sigh ...

I will need some extra coffee and possibly a Lucky Buck to get me through this day!!


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