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Where am I??

My silence is brought to you by sheer busyness!  The schedule that is my life right now ... I will admit it feels a little overwhelming!!

As always Lawyer is traveling.  He travels every single week.  And while he is traveling we do our best to connect and keep in touch through time changes and our separate busy schedules.  We did have the amazing opportunity to spend most of last Friday together.  We had coffee, went to the chiropractor, had an amazing Sushi lunch and then came home to watch retarded TV until the kids settled in on us at 3 pm.  It was a gift and one I truly embraced. I love my husband.  I miss him when he is gone.  He makes me crazy ... don't all of them ... but he loves me unconditionally, puts up with my shenanigans and says absolutely nothing when I cave and order take out three days in a row.  Two weeks ago I took myself shopping for no apparent reason and came home with a pile of bags full of things I was sure I "needed".  He carried them upstairs and said ... "Did you have fun?".  I should be shot ... but he still loves me!!!

The kids have never been this busy!!  It's good busy ... but ... WOW!!  Can I clone myself from 3 to 8 every day?  

MHM is swimming three days a week for an hour a day.  It takes 30 minutes to get to the pool so let's just say 2 hours.  She also has tennis on Tuesdays and chess on Thursdays.  WPM has art on Thursday and a tutor on Wednesdays.  HSM has club on Tuesday afternoons and Robotics it seems like every single day.  I am not complaining ... I am just saying a wife to make dinner or a second person to help with all the driving would be greatly appreciated!!

Anyone who shows up at my door with a Grande nonfat latte or a glass of wine at 6 pm will be considered for the job!!  xxoo

I will settle in and normal blogging will resume.  

Pinky swear!!


1 comment:

  1. These are the thoughts shared my many Mom's on a daily basis. YOU can do this! Pinky promise when your kids are old enough to remember the wonderful
    childhood they had, they will remember these crazy days with a smile on their faces and will continue the tradition. God bless you!!!



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