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Hey ya'll!!!

First of all I am alive, well and feeling good about a lot of things!!!  The last time I posted I was feeling overwhelmed with life and still struggling to comprehend the loss our sweet babysitter had suffered.  I honestly felt like blogging about my life was silly and inconsequential.  My mind was foggy and I just needed to pull back and regroup.  I still feel like talking about my life may be silly but I am a lot more centered than I was a few weeks ago!!!  And truth be told ... I have missed my blog!

On top of it all ... my house was a mess and my schedule seemed to be sucking me in!  When we prepared for our move last summer we painted the house in neutrals and traded out a lot of our charming accessories for more neutral ones, user friendly ones.  When the house was pulled off the market I did not have the energy or the desire to change anything.  I just wanted to feel like me again.  Summer started this year and I wanted my house back.  I wanted the charm back, and the neutrals and boring accessories gone!

I started way too many things at once.  I would paint one room and then find the most amazing thing for another and before I knew it I had five rooms under redo.   Oh, and Lawyer was on the road every week and I was way in over my head.  It was time to pull back, say no to the blog and get some sh*& done!!!

I am feeling a whole lot better!!  I have busted my hump and finished a lot around the house.  (Like, a LOT!!!)  Lauren has come back to work and my Monday and Wednesdays are a lot smoother.  This is the first week I did not have to take MHM to swimming and then after dinner and tucking her in have to start homework with WPM.  Both kids were done with homework, activities, dinner and baths and in bed by 8 pm.  All seems right with the world when I am on schedule!  

I have a lot to share, a lot of photos to post and news to share!

I have missed you!!


1 comment:

  1. You were missed! Glad to have The Pink Clutch back again :)



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