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Gold for the win!!

As I mentioned before ... my entry way needed some pizzazz.  I love the furniture arrangement and it definitely needs a rug but other than that I love it.  Well almost, its the walls ... it just lacks something!      


And then I started seeing stripes!  And I loved them!!!  I really am drawn to the black and white stripes but I think its too graphic for the rest of my house.  So I just sat and did nothing .. all the while sitting in my office staring at the boring walls of the entry.

Until yesterday!!!  When I finally made a decision ... Gold!!

Its the perfect choice.  The stripes I want, the pizzazz the space needs.  I am giddy with excitement over the amazing-ness that will exist when I am done!!  EEK!!


OMG ... just look at the perfection in these stripes!!!  I am thinking not too thin and not thick because I do want the space to fit in with the rest of the house ... so how about 6 inches?


And I definitely want the metallic look so where do I find metallic wall paint??  Martha Stewart for Home Depot, of course.  I am in Home Depot more than any girl should be and I have never noticed that small section at the bottom of her paint wall labeled "Metallics".  Of course she has a metallic collection ... why wouldn't she?  My choice for the wall ... Tiger's Eye.


Seriously ... with every pic I get a little more excited!!!  This is happening ... like TODAY!!


 I have settled on vertical stripes ... that will look a tiche like wallpaper when its done.  

And I am supposed to limit myself to one dose of caffeine a day (long story) but this day may call for a second cup of something.  And some great music and kids who play outside in this amazing 60 degree weather.  Yes, its all coming together!!


I love the look of stripes with the black frames that will be hanging on my stairwell.  And mixed with my silhouette collection. With the perfect contrast of the black handrails and then a leopard rug on the floor.  Dear lord, I may have just made myself dizzy with excitement!!!

Stay tuned!!


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