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Do you accent?

I first starting drinking the shellac manicure cool-aid about 2 years ago.   The first time I ever heard the term shellac manicure it was on a blog.  As I have mentioned many times I am an avid reader of the Little Green Notebook.  I noticed that no matter what DIY she did or how messy her hands got her manicure always looked FLAWLESS.  And this girl will tackle anything!!  Never uses gloves, yet her nails always shined like the top of the Chrysler building.  One day she blogged about her manicures and I was instantly convinced.   Oh, and PSA ... If you don't read her blog you must start.  Jenny has the most amazing style and is currently redoing their new house in Arizona.  BY HERSELF!  I am hooked to my computer screen each morning after the kids head to school.  She's wicked talented!!

I have been getting shellac nails ever since.  The manicure usually lasts me about three weeks, sometimes not as long depending on how much my nails grow.  The one I am currently sporting is a month old and there will be NO photos.  It's bad news bears tacky.  Must remedy tomorrow!


In the past couple of weeks I have found myself drawn to the idea of an accent nail.  I love it on others but always thought it too risky for my own hand.  I mean, I pick fun colors ... orange, yellow, grey, hot pink, neon, turquoise (at the moment) ... but I usually get them all done identical.

It's time for a change ... time to shake it up!! I cut my hair off ... and steered away from my usual go to blond high lights.  Oh, and I bought camouflage ... quite a few items actually.  This is just nail polish!  

This is the current color on my nails ... and I love the glitter nail!  

I am in!!



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