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My love of green

I have forever loved green.  And truly I love all shades of it ... lime, mint, grass, apple, forest ... they are all good and I love how easy they are to marry with another color.  

For me green is like black ... every room can use a little.  Even if its just a lush green plant!!

I would say my absolute go to shade of green is grass or better described as Kate Spade Green.  The kind of green that makes things look rich, lush and full of life.

For the longest time I have stared at my foyer and wanted something different.  Something that said ... WOW!  I love all the furniture and pops of blue and white but the walls and the stairwell is lacking.  First I wanted a solid color, then when we added wainscoting in the entry and up the stair case I realized a solid color wouldn't be enough for me.  The office on one side is turquoise, the dining room on the other side is pink.  I have enough color going on in the area.  I wanted WOW! 

I do love all the fullness that this green adds to the space.  However ... once again it is the focal point.  She doesn't have two rooms screaming color on either side. 

Then I saw some pictures rolling around Instagram of black striped wallpaper and I started thinking about nothing but stripes!

Aren't they fabulous??  Absolutely divine??  I would love nothing more than to stripe my entry way and up the stairs.  I was first leaning heavily toward the black and white but after sitting with that idea for a few weeks I realize that is way to abstract for the rest of my house.  I wish it would work but I don't want the entry way to not match the rest of my decor.  

So after some consideration I have decided to stripe the entry way green and white and paint the back of my 12 light door black.  It will give me the contrast I desire and will be perfect with the black handrails on the stairs.  

Then I will update my frames for the gallery wall going up the stairs from black to gold with the help of spray paint.  The green in the entry will flow with the dining room and its green and white plates hung on the walls, the office with its green cornices and splashes of green and lastly the den, with its green pillows, panels and majolica galore.  

And the foyer will have the WOW I want. 

Or let's hope!



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