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Wedding cake light ...

Still working on the green stripes plan ... Its a huge time investment and I want to make sure I will love it in the end!

In the mean time ... I hung a new chandelier in the entry.  It hung in my Nana's house my entire childhood and now graces the most visited place in mine. 

When I received the light it needed rewiring and I was sure a good cleaning.  The base was separate from the prisms and it looked very much like a rusty pie plate with more rusty rings attached.  I walked into Lamp Arts and was sure Hunter would look at my sideways.  What I was holding was anything less than glamorous yet it meant more than the world to me.  

He took the base, told me I was the proud owner of a wedding cake light and they are highly sought after and incredibly beautiful.  He looked at my teary face and told me it was incredibly special and I was lucky to have it.  He insisted we not clean it at all and leave the perfectly aged patina as it was.  And that's exactly what we did.  A week later I picked up my rusty pie plate and its rings and brought it home to install in the entry way.

I love every single thing about this light.  I love that it hung in her house and now graces mine.  I love that it makes the most amazing pattern on my ceiling when its lit.  I love that when the sun from the transom over the front door hits the light it creates rainbows on the wall by the staircase.  I love that I cried with each prism I hung thinking of every single thing that light and she meant to me.  I love that my oldest stood at the base of the ladder and handed me every single prism.  

As I hung the light and cried I told my oldest why my grandparents bought this light.  One of my grandmother's favorite movies was Pollyanna.  She loved the precious girl in the movie and that she made a whole town happy.  Mr. Pendergast teaches Pollyanna about refracted light and they love the rainbows the sun paints on the wall.  I remember watching this movie with my grandparents one Sunday when it came on as the weekly Disney movie.  One of my absolute favorite childhood memories. 

I hope that one day this light will be hung in one of my children's homes and they will love it just as much as I do!


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