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I took the plunge ...

Yes, yes I did.  

I took the plunge.

I grabbed a $30 can of paint at Home Depot.

And painted my boring beige kitchen back splash high gloss white.

OMG ... This was WAY OVER DUE!!!

I have never loved our stone back splash and have been dying to install white subway tile on the diagonal.  I called our handy man who "put me on the list".  I love this handy man.  He is clean, his prices are good ... but he has gotten so busy lately that getting him when you want him is a huge challenge.  Every single thing I have asked him to do lately I have given up and figured out how to do myself, one way or another.   

I took my inspiration from House of Pemberley ... who did the exact same thing in her kitchen.

And I took Kimber's advice to the letter.  Purchased the paint she told me to get, didn't prep the tile which she said was a waste of time and didn't even prime the tile.  

I did remove the switch plates and cover the granite with kitchen trash bags taped down with Frog tape.  Super classy ... I know.  But it worked like a charm!

The after effect is amazing.  Like I can't believe the difference in the room.  The back splash no longer makes me want to gag.  

The room stinks to high heaven ... ok maybe the whole house.  And I may still be loopy from the fumes ... but dear heaven ... its fabulous!

And the best part, it cost me $30, an hour or so of my time ... and I don't have to wait for the handy man!

Win, win, win for moi!


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