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The Bert Show ... Tween Room Redo

If you follow me on Instagram you know I am in the process of redoing a 11 year olds bedroom with my dear friend Laurie of Laurie Byrne Originals.  You may have seen snip its and pics posted ... but I figured this would be the best forum to share the entire story of how the room redo came to be!

About three weeks ago on a Thursday morning Laurie called me.  She had just dropped off her car for service and was driving home listening to the radio.  A father, Tommy, called in to play a game known as "What the Bleep is that?".  If you guess the sound correctly you win the money in the pot.  No one had correctly guessed the sound and the pot was currently up to $10,500.  The conversation Tommy had with the cast of the show captured Laurie's heart.  Tommy, a single parent, wanted to use the prize money to redo his 11 year olds room and to pay bills.  His story was precious ... his voice was sincere.  She describes it as an episode of the Voice.  She heard his voice and him speaking of his little girl and would have pushed the button and turned her chair around to give him any and all he needed.  Long story short ... he didn't win the prize money.  But ... he won over the entire cast of the show and most importantly for this story ... Laurie. 

She immediately called me and I will never forget our conversation.  The first words out of her mouth were simply ... "You are going to think I am crazy".  But, I didn't.  She shared the story and then said ... "we could do this, we could redecorate this child's room.  We could do this in our sleep."  As she talked a couple of things really tugged at my heart.  A father calling in to win money to do something for his little girl.  A little girl who's mother had passed away.  A little girl who dreamed of a new room.  As a mother all I could think was ... I only hope someone would do this for my child.  And with that I told her ... I am calling the radio station NOW.

There are so many things that go together in this first day that were out of the norm.  First, Laurie was listening to the Bert Show.  We both love the radio station, and Bert I think you are fabulous ... but your morning show is not appropriate for early morning listening with kids.  Second, Laurie and I aren't your call in kind of girls.  And the fact that I called the radio station number no less than twenty times in ten minutes and then proceeded to tweet Bert himself seems like I am a first class STALKER.   Next, I was home at that time of the morning.  The kids were out for Fall break and all three were still fast asleep.  The fact that I was home and not otherwise distracted was critical for the rapid fire dialing, dusting off and logging into Twitter and tweeting like a crazy girl I was doing.  And lastly, when I finally spoke to the phone screener and she didn't say NO THANKS when I responded no we aren't with a design firm and aren't technically designers or decorators ... just two girls who are convinced we can do this ... is the biggest OMG moment for me.  She could have simply said ... Thank you, but we pass.  

But they didn't and the rest is history!

Fast forward three weeks and here we are!  We met our sweet Michaela yesterday and hammered out an amazing plan for her room.  She is one incredible little girl!!!  She is smart, articulate, wise, content and incredibly mature for her young years.  In her spare time she studies Ikea catalogs, makes Sims boards and designs rooms.  She plays the cello, reads and draws and she adores animals.  

Laurie and I walked away from the meeting with so many emotions.  We were both speechless at times.  And when she stood in the driveway and waved the entire time we got settled in and back out I fell in love with her precious little heart.  We are excited, heavy, nervous and overjoyed to be blessed with this opportunity.  I am confident that we will as transformed personally as the room will be physically.  This little one has imprinted our hearts and we continue to pray for the guidance to walk the path and give her the same imprint and a room she loves!!

Stay tuned ... 


If you would like to help us in our endeavor ... we are collecting gift cards ... email me at for an address!

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