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Inspiration du jour ... FLOWERS

(via my instagram)

I absolutely love fresh flowers.  Roses, hydrangeas, tulips, carnations, gerbera daisies, peonies, sunflowers ... even stock.  Truly any kind, I love them all.  I flower shop almost every Monday to make sure I have at least two arrangements in the house.   I am convinced that a house needs fresh flowers and candles at all time! 

 My bedside table is always the first location to change out ... and then it varies.  Some times its the den, the kitchen, the foyer, the porch.  Choosing the location for the flowers depends on what I found at the market!  The best place for me to grab flowers is Trader Joes.  They have the best selection and their prices are hard to beat.  I grabbed the entire bunch of  Forsythia (yellow bells) branches last week for a mere $7.99.  Honestly ... I love them so much I should have grabbed at least two more!  

(via Pinterest)

For roses I shop at Fresh Market.  Where else can you buy a dozen roses for $10?  I also stop into Whole Paycheck once in a while to grab some amazing flowers for special occasions.  (I try to keep my visits to a minimum since Lawyer is convinced I spend his whole paycheck there!  Hee hee ...)  They carry the most amazing heirloom Hydrangeas in the summer that are truly bigger than your head.  But, of course, they are $10 a bloom.   I have to keep those purchases few and far between!

(via my instagram)

Probably the most money I spend on fresh flowers would be for roses.  My new favorite trend is to mix the colors.  In the mint julep cup above I mixed pink and red.  I am also a huge fan of pink and orange and orange and yellow.  How can you go wrong with a cup full of amazing smelling color?

Are you familiar with Jenny Komeda of the Little Green Notebook?  She writes the most amazing blog and just recently became a contributor for Domino!  She is also the bravest DIYer I know!  In December she blogged about a vase she made and also included the best advice for extending the life of your store bought roses ...

"To loosen the buds a little, put them in some warm water for an hour or two and then use your fingers to help them open a little more. If you put your fingers in a pinching position and sort of spread them from the center of the bud, they'll open up beautifully! And if you do it gently, there won't be any damage to the petals. Also I think they live just as long as before this way, especially if you're good about changing the water every other day or so. I can usually get my flowers to last about two weeks that way."

I immediately spread all the ones I had in the house and have been doing it ever since!  Try her tip ... you will be thrilled with the results!! 

Off to the market for some roses for the bedside table!

Happy Monday! 

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