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A good thrift ... its down right addicting!

(via my instagram)

A afternoon antiquing with a bestie is like no other!  Walking through a lovely antique store  or spending a Thursday at Scott's Antique Market just can't be beat.  Unless of course we are speaking of true thrifting.  The stop into Good Will, Value Village, Park Avenue Thrift or the like.  Passing all the complete junk to find a true treasure.  Now ... that's addictive!!

(via my Iphone)

I love to thrift.  I don't think there is a Good Will in my area that I haven't visited ... and visited on a regular basis.  The big ass brass tray in the picture above was a fantastic find!  I had to use a book and my large Louis Never Full to show how large that tray was.  Solid brass ... and the price?  $12!!!  It now belongs to my dear friend Lance and I have party rights.  This tray makes the most amazing cheese presentation!!

(Our guest suite from the first ORC)

I have specific things I look for while thrifting!  Glassware for monogrammed bar ware and vintage pieces, furniture for pieces that can be painted and restored, lamps for brass and vintage lighting, pottery for fabulous blue and white pieces, and books for their amazing colors.  All of the books in the built ins my first ORC came from Good Will.  Take off the dust covers and enjoy the true color of the spines!  Those 50 plus books were purchased for about $1 a piece and I absolutely love the way they look displayed!!

(via my Instagram)

While I was shopping for books that day I came across a matching pair of black and brass outside lanterns.  I think I gasped when I spotted them.  Lanterns ... and a PAIR of them!  They were $15 each and the pair now hangs outside the front door as seen in the first picture.  I almost didn't get the lanterns that day and then I realized I would regret walking away.  So thankful I didn't!!  

(via my Iphone)

Last Thursday I lucked upon a thrift sale at a local church.  It was a room full of fabulous finds.  The three pieces above were my first haul to the car.  I went back for 3 books, a copper and brass ice bucket, 2 vintage prints, 2 brass candle sticks and a bamboo towel rack.  The hour spent digging cost me $34 and I scored some amazing things for the house and friends!!

I am loving the brass fireplace screen in our den ... and it was only $5!!!  

(via my Iphone)

This brass pharmacy lamp was $7 and its perfect next to my PKL chair!!!

(via my Iphone)

I was so excited about all my finds from the church that I popped into a Good Will on my way home and almost passed out when I found a perfect mate for my new brass pharmacy lamp.  It was also $7 and now I have a MATCHING pair.  I mean ... how lucky was that??

I am currently scouring my favorite thrift stores for blue and white pieces for my next ORC.  I am hoping to pile a bunch of blue and white on a server between two lamps ... 

I will keep you posted.



  1. Love this, Paige! Looking forward to your next ORC!

  2. Those items looks really good. Getting thrift and Good Will items can sometimes be really rewarding and it looks like you have been well rewarded with some awesome finds. My wife is also an avid collector of all sorts of treasures. It makes our home the comfortable place it is today. Thank you for sharing this with us, thanks again.

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals



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