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Inspiration du jour ... ASO Gala

Friday evening I attended the ASO Show House and Gardens Palazzo Rose Gala.  I was prepared for a fantastic evening with amazing friends ... I was not prepared for how Epic the evening would be!!!

The day was the most beautiful day.  I started the day working on the One Room Challenge and then switched gears at 1 pm to begin party prep.  

1:30 Lashes
2:30 Pick up altered skirt 
3:30 Down time
5:00 Party prep 
5:45 Ready and one quick glass of champs
6:10 Car arrives

Ready to go!!!

We arrived to a packed house.  Tons of ASO members, all the designers, the committee and other amazing people from the design community. The weather for the evening was absolutely perfect and we toasted the evening with Chardonnay for the boys and pink champagne for moi.

I so wish I snapped pics as we first walked in.  The house was lit up and buzzing with amazing people.  We stopped to chat with representatives from Traditional Home and I immediately forgot all about taking the pictures I wanted to capture!  The cabana looks the best about 6:30 pm, in my opinion, just as the weather is the most divine and the pagoda chandelier shines the brightest!

I met sooo many fabulous people!!  The highlight of my evening was probably Danielle Rollins and Brian Patrick Flynn.  She looked as elegant and timeless as always and Brian is hands down one of the funniest people I have met.  So adorable, so talented and incredibly kind!  I had met Timothy Corrigan the week before during set up and his room is absolutely fantastic!!  The blue and white fabric he used is probably my new favorite and the trim on the sofa ... ugh.  I die!!

We toasted and hung with some fun!!! peeps!  We ate, we drank, we danced.  We toured, we hugged and we laughed all evening!  So, so much fun!!!  

Buy your ticket and treat yourself and your besties to lunch and a tour of the house!  Don't forget to stop and lounge in the master terrace.  It is perfect for taking a moment and enjoying the view the house provides.  Enjoy every second and take a million pictures!!!

You will thank me later!!!


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